The female student with hairy armpits

Today I read about graduate student Emer O’Toole who proudly sat on ITV’s This Morning with her hairy armpits and legs to declare herself a razor-free zone.

Some 18 months ago she decided to refuse to conform to ‘artificial gender norms’ and ditch the razor to embrace her naturally fuzzy state (although I hasten to add she was wearing make-up).

I was disappointed she didn’t show a moustache as well, but perhaps she thought that was going a bit too far. Or maybe she doesn’t have one.

This immediately brought me back to an article I wrote while working at Metro online. My editor handed me a picture of Beth Ditto on a night out with no attempt to hide her hairy armpits and asked me to write “around 100 to 150 words” on it. That was all I had to go on. Hairy armpits. Beth Ditto. This is where my years of journalism training had to come in to practice. Find another angle Julia! Here it is… all 124 words.

Read my article: Beth Ditto’s hairy moment at Reading festival.

Read more on the Daily Mail website.  

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