The rise of Instagram role models

I recently added to my growing list of social media sites by opening an Instagram work account. Just six posts in and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m way out of my depth (especially when it comes to posting beautiful images that relate to nutrition and health).

Leading health professionals have questioned the credibility of bloggers who are using the social media platform to promote brands rather than giving expert advice, and it’s a worrying trend. With health and fitness bloggers overtaking celebrities as role models for young people, that’s a lot of responsibility when it comes to what we post online.

Writing reliable and trustworthy content

As a journalist I’m a stickler for only writing reliable, trustworthy and well-sourced content. Some of my personal blogs are formed from personal opinions, but they are always based on fact or credible research. With some recent blogs talking about nutrition, I am the first to say I am not an expert – and with this, I’ve decided to change my tact.

From now onwards my Instagram account will show pictures of interesting things I see, use or hear about in my role as a freelance online editor and journalist. Hopefully this will show a more rounded view of my work, which can range from writing about education, technology, health and wellbeing, education and student life to managing finances and dealing with debt.

Check out my Instagram page here – with hopefully lots more interesting posts for 2017! Have a lovely Christmas and a very happy new year!



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