Putting your hoof in it

It’s snow day and it’s Friday, so time for something light-hearted to end the week on. I loved the Tweet from Tesco this week telling followers it was about to “hit the hay” and it made me think about others that are a bit, well, close to the bone.

The full Tweet from Tesco Customer Care said: It’s sleepy time so we’re off to hit the hay! See you at 8am for more #TescoTweets

It later insisted the update was “scheduled before we knew of the current situation. We’d never intend to make light of it.” Hmmmph, I guess some people may not have been convinced.

Best horse jokes of the week

I won’t start listing many of the best horse-related jokes from this week, although you may want to take a look at the following post on Radio Times if you do want a chuckle (and you’ve not been overly angered by news of horse meat in your burgers): The best Twitter Tesco horse burger jokes.

While we’re on the subject of meat, I may have been a vegetarian from the age of 10 to 22, but I sure do love red meat these days. We have a local eatery that is well-known and loved by my close circle of friends in Balham, Wandsworth, called Cattle Grid.

Beefing around on Twitter

cattle gridIt has a big cow outside the restaurant so you can take pictures of yourself with it on the way out. (As you can see from this wonderful image of myself taken a while back…)

I have no problem giving this place some publicity, as quite frankly, they do great ribs and even better steaks, and my mouth is salivating just thinking about it. But I just felt the need to share some of their funniest Tweets of late.

Tweets for @cattlegrid are written “by Steve the MD, therefore tweets do represent the views of the company I suppose, remember its only twitter! chill out”

Here are some examples:

HEALTH WARNING: a customer in windsor informed us that a chipped bowl may cause BSE! Best be careful then eh! #arefundhowevercalmedherfears

DIET TIPS: if it tastes any good probably best you just spit it out

QUALITY CONTROL DIY: if it looks like a pile of d**k, ear & horse it’s a pile of d**k, ear & horse! If it looks like beef it’s beef

Your thoughts

I’m sure there have been far more inappropriate Tweets than the Tesco one – here’s just one example from KitchenAidUSA wrote after President Obama’s grandmother died: “Obamas gma even knew it was going 2 be bad! She died 3 days before he became president”… oops!

Are you following any business or restaurant that has Tweeted something a bit… awkward, or verging on a faux-pas? Let me know in the comments below.




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