Parents who overshare on social media – are you guilty?

With the average adult using their smartphones and tablets for a whopping 20 hours a week* it’s not surprising that we find it hard to resist oversharing – especially when it’s simply to get a reaction. But have we lost sight of social media etiquette when it comes to the privacy of our kids?

video that a father took of his son having a little dance and a groove to some hip-hop in the shower went online this week and made me think more about what we post online. What makes it really uncomfortable viewing is that the poor boy has no idea that he is being filmed. Cringe.

Are we all that fame hungry these days that we have to post every video, picture and post that ridicules our kids? We all get a boost when people like, share or comment on a post and I am not doubt guilty of over posting pics of my kids (confession made). But at the same time, in my opinion I don’t think it’s accceptable to post…

  1. Really grosse pictures of babies JUST after they’ve been born. Wait until they’ve been cleaned up, we don’t need to see blood and gunk all over them. We also don’t need to see their bits, we usually know by this stage they are a boy/girl!
  2. Pictures of your kids naked – we all like a bath picture with hair up in a bubble Mohawk, but it’s just as easy to crop out their bits before it goes online! Is it fair (or safe) that they are now accessible to anyone who may decide to save them or share online?
  3. Videos or pictures of your kids when they are ill – okay I may have done this, a little bit, but anything that is too graphic, think again! Too much. We don’t need to see your baby’s green poo to tell you whether this is normal or not or an image of your kid post vomit with gunk still hanging from their mouth.
  4. Videos or pictures of your kids asleep – they are in bed, they don’t know you are there… yes they look cute, they may be sleeping upside down, but it’s a bit creepy. Unless they are a baby, that’s fine, a sleeping baby is something to be celebrated with anyone who cares (woo, time for a cuppa!).
  5. Posts about what embarrassing thing your kid has done that day that relate to bodily functions – especially their potty training hits and misses (I have seen a picture a friend posted of their kid’s first poo in the potty… NO! Don’t do it!).

Feel free to comment below and let me know any I may have missed out!



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