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Now that I am back to work again following maternity leave #2, what’s become more evident than ever is just how essential the integration of the latest social media trends needs is alongside any content creation – not only through my role as an editor, but more importantly the work of my clients.

I have been lucky enough to do some very interesting work with a social media training company involving writing an in-depth guide on how to use Facebook within your overall marketing strategy. Sounds simple, yet I discovered there’s far more to Facebook than meets the eye!

As an editor I’ve known for some time that it’s important to have my own website, LinkedIn page and Twitter feed. Yet when it comes to how to use Facebook pages to communicate messages when you don’t actually sell a product, yet want to promote a service, many people (myself included) admit to feeling  baffled. What is the best way to reach audiences through organic or paid posts and what is best practice when it comes to social media etiquette and copy style?

The future of social media 

rooms-screenshot-feedWhat I’ve now learnt in abundance is that Facebook can be a successful advertising and sales platform for everyone, whether you’re a brand, local business, large organisation, charity or celebrity.

It’s about how you engage with your users and the way that you keep up with current trends and new tools, apps and features that will help you to get your message across in the best way. This may mean investing in a training workshop, reading the latest social media blogs or getting stuck into a newly published ‘how-to’ book.

By taking your eye off the latest developments for even a few weeks you could ultimately miss something crucial when it comes to successfully engaging with new and loyal clients.

Only through using a combination of great story telling via text, link, photo and video updates (using a content calendar or curation tools) alongside targeted campaigns, boosted and sponsored posts, can you can start to take stock of what is and isn’t working for you. Not to mention taking advantage of Facebook’s free analytics tools to analyse what works and doesn’t work (or even by paying for someone to do a more in-depth report).

News algorithm changes

Social media With video consumption on Facebook set to overtake YouTube on Facebook, changes to the way we see our stories ranked (news algorithm), the launch of Facebook Paper and Rooms, the way we experience social media is constantly changing.

You can now tailor how you receive your daily dose of news and information from all your favourite people and places and privacy and anonymity is becoming far more important to us than ever before.

These days as marketers, journalists and businesses, we need to be savvier than ever before when it comes to understanding what benefits each social media platform has for our target audience and to use them accordingly. No longer can we post the same update on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn – people expect a lot more.

It’s a challenge, but one I am going to ensure I make more of over the next year (I say as I start to put together my own Facebook page at long last). Have you got any aims and targets to achieve over the next year when it comes to improving the way you connect with your audience?




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