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It’s time to get fit and healthy

I am working with a client on a new and exciting healthcare venture that is launching soon and it’s made me feel somewhat guilty about how slack I’ve become at exercising and eating a balanced diet.

How things change when you become a mum! I used to figure skate two to three times a week, go to the gym at least twice a week and go for 10-mile walks in the countryside on the weekend. I’m not sure I ever ate a truly balanced diet, but I’m sure there weren’t as many muffins and chocolate buttons involved as there have been lately.

Home-cooked food

On the plus side, these days I cook a lot more because I want my little one to have lots of home-cooked meals. This has increased my rather limited repertoire of spaghetti bolognaise/jacket potato/grilled salmon, to some far more inspiring dishes using vegetables so exciting that I had to actually Google ‘how to cut up a butternut squash’ having never used it before.

It all started to go wrong when I got pregnant. Obviously the ice skating had to go (some skate while pregnant, I chose not to) and any exercise I did do while ‘with bump’ consisted of me going to NCT yoga once a week for a half an hour of stretching and an hour of chatting, drinking tea and eating biscuits.

Post-pregnancy weight shock

I was lucky (don’t hate me) that two weeks after giving birth I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I have no idea how that happened either, but I think it had something to do with my daughter basically draining every last ounce of milk from me every two hours. I’m guessing that any food I was eating was devoured by the extra adrenaline and energy that my body produced to get through those first weeks of, quite frankly, a lot less sleep than I ever thought was possible.

But weight isn’t everything – you can be slim and still have high cholesterol. I’m not quite sure what my levels are, but what I do know is that this body isn’t going to get any younger. I want to mix up my day with a lot more exercise and a lot less sugar fixes, especially since learning I need to have my first ever filling. Okay, two fillings.

‘I attached the baby to my front and danced while she threw up all over me’

I have gone through a few spurts of exercise over the last 14 months, involving a six-week course called ‘Latino Bambino’ where I attached the baby to my front using a carrier and danced to Latin music while she threw up all over me. I would leave the class every week with sick all down my legs and feeling sweaty for all the wrong reasons. I decided that exercising on my own was the way forward!

My skating buddy had a baby two months after me and so we decided to do some swimming instead – again this lasted around four weeks after she moved house and I just couldn’t face going on my own. I think it is because swimming is not a massively sociable hobby; you can’t chat side-by-side like you can do with ice skating or going to the gym. Before you know it you have the swimming police knocking you down and tutting at you for holding things up, even in the slow lane.

Cleaning burns calories!

These days my version of exercise is keeping the place clean in an attempt to sell it. I spend rather a lot of my time dragging the hoover up and down the stairs several times a week and mopping the wooden floors of leftover/thrown baby food. But I am reassured that cleaning burns calories!

Other than that I walk to the nursery and back and to various outings here and there on any days off, but in reality I can no longer justify eating the same amount of cake. Something has to change. I had a bit of a moan to the other half the other week about wanting a gym membership again and he smirked, saying that he doubted I would go on a regular basis. It’s been six days since I signed up and I am yet to go, but there’s always next week…

More about the health venture…

I’ll keep you posted about this health venture I am not allowed to talk about quite yet. I’m positive it will be a great hit with many, who like me, may need a bit of a kick up the backside to do some exercise and could do with some regular motivation and tips on a whole host of lifestyle-related issues.

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