Introducing my blog

I may have been a journalist for a decade and have written blog posts as part of several online roles, but this is the first time I’ve started up my own blog where I have full editorial control.

This is where I am slightly terrified – not because I am scared of coming up with my own ideas or opinions. It is because I know that as a journalist with access to social media at the touch of a button, you have to be quick to ensure that your musings don’t a) offend b) cross the line of defamation or c) make you come across as basically a bit of a numpty. I don’t aim to shock with my writing, my aim is to be as impartial as possible, while still maintaining some sort of personable element to my writing.

What will my blog be about?

So, with this in mind, I will be posting here as regularly as I can about all the latest hot topics and discussions in the news and the world of online editing and journalism.

I’ll keep you updated on projects I am working on and will try not to let you know every time my daughter does something extremely cute or cuts another tooth (unless I am lucky enough to write for a lovely parenting magazine whose audience is looking for some common ground with all things baby-related).

Feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts – a blog without comments is a blog that is basically stuck in the back of your attic with all the things named ‘bits and bobs’.

This is a reference for my husband as I’ve been asking him to get my box down from there ‘named bits and bobs’ for ages so I can drag out some old articles I wrote that are no longer online due to website redesigns and reskins.

Problem is, I have quite a few boxes labelled this way. Now surely as an online editor I would have realised at the time the importance of tagging my boxes appropriately and labelling them clearly. Hmmmph.


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