Ben Fogle takes the Olympic flame on a hot air balloon. Credit: LOCOG

Funny Olympic 2012 moments

How we chuckled when we saw the Mayor of London Boris Johnson dangling mid-air on a zip wire! The pomp and ceremony of the Olympics seems to bring out the best of British humour. Check out this hilarious transcript from a volunteer worker and star in the making.

* Picture on homepage of Ben Fogle taking the Olympic flame in a lamp on a hot air balloon ride at the Eden Project – not Boris, sorry to disappoint! Picture credit: LOCOG, London 2012.

Olympic volunteer’s attempt to rally up excitement

Sat at Stratford International station, this young lady decides to drum up excitement ahead of the Olympic Ceremony. If you only read the transcript you may imagine she is going crazy with happiness in an attempt to whip the crowd up into a frenzy, but appearances can be deceiving… who is she kidding with her monotone voice? Is she more excited than she’s letting on? Or has her bottom gone numb from sitting on the chair for too long? You decide…

“The 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony is here! Games are open; 2012, it will begin. Who’s excited? Yes thank you, single lady! One person responded. But I believe we’re all cheering on the inside because we’re ready, we’re excited!

“London 2012! My mouth is dry, I need some water, but I’m still talking because I’m that happy, I’m going to overcome it. That’s the dedication that I have for the role. Mouth is dry, but I’m still talking, still happy, still excited. Yes I cannot contain my excitement everybody, today is a special day.

“We are going to be telling our children’s children’s children’s children’s children about this day. I’m gonna say I was a part of the Olympics! I worked for the Olympics! Some of you will say I watched the Olympics. I will say that I listened to it from outside and I heard it; it was faint but I still heard it. I heard them having fun and celebrating and I felt happy inside. I had a warmth in my heart. And I carried on.

“I’m here until 2am everybody.

“This is dedication, excitement and happiness. This is a momentous occasion. If you’ve got your ticket please keep smiling from ear-to-ear. I don’t want to sing because my voice is not as good as you would think – it really isn’t.

“I feel like a celebrity right now! I’ve got the paparazzi filming and taking pictures – make sure you tag me on Facebook everybody! I wish I bought my camera today, excellent photo opportunities. Somehow tonight I’m going to look through Facebook and try and find a picture of myself and frame it and give it to my mother, she will be so proud.

“I’m gonna say I made the people happy today, I made them appreciate the true… what’s the word? I’m gonna say, the true happiness of the day. I wish my mum could see me now.

“So this is a shout out: ‘Hi mum I love you! Thank you for making me who I am today!’

“London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony gates have opened everybody. Only another three hours and so-so minutes before it begins. But I say ‘only’ because it’s going to breeze by, we’re nearly there. This is a moment in history… everybody should be smiling from ear-to-ear, this is a happy day. Police officers keep up the good job, we love you and we appreciate you. Thank you I appreciate that truly, I mean that. Media we appreciate you – you don’t appreciate me, but that’s OK.”

I appreciate you, funny lady… who are you by the way?!

More funny moments captured on camera

1. American gymnast Aly Raisman’s mum and dad live up to the term ’embarrassing parents’ as they watch their daughter compete, with her mum yelling over and over again: “Stick it!” This has inspired many spoof videos on You Tube – very amusing if you have some time to spare on a Friday afternoon! See below for the actual footage.

2. Oooops –  a women’s water polo player decides to expose another player’s boob to not only the NBC underwater cameraman, but viewers watching live at home.

(Boo the video was taken down, but I’m sure if you really, really want to view it you will find it somewhere).

3. The dancing policeman who puts on a show for the Olympic spectators – gotta love him for it!

4. And for anyone who missed it, ITN news captures the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, dangling on a zip wire…



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