Media consultancy

How can I help you?

Do you own a new or established business, have great ideas, but don't know how to put them into writing? From your business proposal through to the actual content on your website, advertorials or social media content, I can help you come up with the right words to suit your audience.

Clients include:

  • 2014/15: Creative ad agency (writing video script and content for infographics).
  • 2014: Healthcare client (writing, editing and proofing content for a new website).
  • 2014: Health and nutrition (writing and editing online articles for parents about health and nutrition for the family).
  • 2014: Dubai-based global consultancy (helping shape and edit content and layout for a redesigned website).
  • 2013-14: Property director (editing a business proposal and website content).
  • 2014: Life coach (website, blog and editing first editions of a client magazine).
  • 2014: Performing arts teacher (creating a website, editing and writing primary blog).
  • 2014: Branding agency (offering research and expertise on young people - ahead of a pitch).
  • 2014: Business mentor (website editing).
  • 2014: Private business school (advice on website layout, accessibility and navigation).
  • 2013: Nanny (advice, editing and content for new website).
  • 2013: PR agency (writing website content for an online-based pitch).
  • 2013-14 Business owner and entrepreneur (developing and advising on content for new website, blog, newsletters and multimedia).