Parents who overshare on social media – are you guilty?

With the average adult using their smartphones and tablets for a whopping 20 hours a week* it’s not surprising that we find it hard to resist oversharing – especially when it’s simply to get a reaction. But have we lost sight of social media etiquette when it comes to the privacy of our kids? A video that a father took […]


Is your head banging?

Last month I wrote a magazine feature on headaches and it brought back some banging memories – and no, I am not talking ‘street’ for good ones.

My year: extracts from my diary

Each year I am astounded by how fast 12 months can go and the last year has been no exception. Here are some extracts from my imaginary diary as I re-live the transition of returning to work after having a baby and setting up on my own.

Health benefits of organic food

It appears that the jury is still out on the benefits of organic food. A recent study comparing the health benefits of organic and conventional foods claims that organic food is ‘no healthier and no safer’ than produce grown with pesticides.

Stork with a baby

Fear of birth means longer labours

It makes sense really – if you’re scared of something, it’s going to take you longer to do. When it comes to the length of your labour, apparently this is exactly what can happen if fear gets in the way.