Putting your hoof in it

It’s snow day and it’s Friday, so time for something light-hearted to end the week on. I loved the Tweet from Tesco this week telling followers it was about to “hit the hay” and it made me think about others that are a bit, well, close to the bone.

My year: extracts from my diary

Each year I am astounded by how fast 12 months can go and the last year has been no exception. Here are some extracts from my imaginary diary as I re-live the transition of returning to work after having a baby and setting up on my own.

Preparing for the winter weather

Us Brits love to talk about the weather and for the first time this year my eyeballs actually felt cold when I headed outdoors today. Winter appears to have officially arrived, but how are you preparing for the sub zero temperatures?

Night time driving on the motorway

Changing the rules for young drivers

Young people in the UK should be banned from driving at night or having any alcohol in their system, according to the Association of British Drivers (ABI), and I am inclined to agree as I look back with slight horror at my early years behind the wheel.

Health benefits of organic food

It appears that the jury is still out on the benefits of organic food. A recent study comparing the health benefits of organic and conventional foods claims that organic food is ‘no healthier and no safer’ than produce grown with pesticides.

Media Week website

Are we tiring of celebrity culture?

It’s that time of year again – The X Factor starts this weekend and the countdown to Christmas begins. But is it really still ‘TV gold’, or are we a bit bored of celebrity life and knowing just a bit too much about the people behind the shows?

Ben Fogle takes the Olympic flame on a hot air balloon. Credit: LOCOG

Funny Olympic 2012 moments

How we chuckled when we saw the Mayor of London Boris Johnson dangling mid-air on a zip wire! The pomp and ceremony of the Olympics seems to bring out the best of British humour. Check out this hilarious transcript from a volunteer worker and star in the making.