Parents who overshare on social media – are you guilty?

With the average adult using their smartphones and tablets for a whopping 20 hours a week* it’s not surprising that we find it hard to resist oversharing – especially when it’s simply to get a reaction. But have we lost sight of social media etiquette when it comes to the privacy of our kids? A video that a father took […]

Writing about death: the last taboo

The last two months has seen my freelance work take me down one particular theme – death and bereavement – for three separate clients and three very different audiences. This was all very much unplanned, but has been a very enlightening experience, if a little tricky at times. I felt like I wanted to talk […]


Parental controls for online safety

With Christmas fast approaching, shiny new tablets, laptops and phones are being wrapped up and packed ready for Santa to deliver them to our increasingly tech-savvy children. But how prepared are we when it comes to protecting our children from online bullying, overexposure or inappropriate content? As a parent myself, keeping our girls safe as […]

Keeping up-to-date with social media

Now that I am back to work again following maternity leave #2, what’s become more evident than ever is just how essential the integration of the latest social media trends needs is alongside any content creation – not only through my role as an editor, but more importantly the work of my clients, says content editor and journalist Julia Faulks.

Julia Faulks and sprogs

Bye from me… for now!

It’s time for me to pack away the laptop and concentrate on dealing with the challenges of a newborn, this time alongside a toddler! It’s been a great year and a quarter since I returned to work and set up on my own and I’ve had some really interesting jobs to work on in that time.

Young people

Targeting youth audiences

A couple of weeks ago I was asked by branding agency Mash to be on the expert panel for a discussion about ‘targeting youth’, which led to me realise just how much has changed since I was in the younger age bracket of ‘yoofs’, otherwise known as Generation Y (born in the 80s and 90s).


Is your head banging?

Last month I wrote a magazine feature on headaches and it brought back some banging memories – and no, I am not talking ‘street’ for good ones.


Before you buy it, Flubit

One of my new clients for 2013 is the increasingly popular market-driven company Flubit – you may well have heard of it, but if you haven’t, you definitely will in 2013. Here’s how it works…