Putting your hoof in it

It’s snow day and it’s Friday, so time for something light-hearted to end the week on. I loved the Tweet from Tesco this week telling followers it was about to “hit the hay” and it made me think about others that are a bit, well, close to the bone.

Preparing for the winter weather

Us Brits love to talk about the weather and for the first time this year my eyeballs actually felt cold when I headed outdoors today. Winter appears to have officially arrived, but how are you preparing for the sub zero temperatures?

Night time driving on the motorway

Changing the rules for young drivers

Young people in the UK should be banned from driving at night or having any alcohol in their system, according to the Association of British Drivers (ABI), and I am inclined to agree as I look back with slight horror at my early years behind the wheel.

Protecting children from online risks

Parents worry more about their children being contacted by strangers on the internet and seeing inappropriate content than drinking too much alcohol, according to new research out this week. But what is being done to protect children online?

Commuting during the 2012 Olympics

The long weekend is over and many of us are suffering with post Jubilee blues. But let’s not forget the London 2012 Olympics are just around the corner! However, the topic of conversation for many Londoners is how the transport network will cope and what effect it will have on

Diamond Jubilee street party

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations

The lead-up to the Diamond Jubilee celebrations to mark 60 years of the Queen’s reign is bringing back fond memories of the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – Prince William and Kate Middleton. As I waddled up to Wandsworth Common on 29 April 2011, enjoying the unusually warm