Rotten teeth in children at ‘crisis point’

It’s all about children’s teeth as I flick through today’s news, with surgeons revealing that thousands of children need dental operations each year because their teeth are rotten. Hearing about Britain being in the grip of a ‘national crisis’ when it comes to child tooth decay seems startling, but I welcome the dramatic headlines as it […]

Digital app helping patients recover from depression and anxiety

The NHS has revealed that 65 per cent of patients using a web-based sleep improvement app have recovered from depression and anxiety, offering hope to many people who are looking for an alternative to drug-based therapies. The digital sleep improvement programme, Sleepio, is based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) techniques where each patient is treated […]

Writing about death: the last taboo

The last two months has seen my freelance work take me down one particular theme – death and bereavement – for three separate clients and three very different audiences. This was all very much unplanned, but has been a very enlightening experience, if a little tricky at times. I felt like I wanted to talk […]

Julia Faulks and sprogs

Bye from me… for now!

It’s time for me to pack away the laptop and concentrate on dealing with the challenges of a newborn, this time alongside a toddler! It’s been a great year and a quarter since I returned to work and set up on my own and I’ve had some really interesting jobs to work on in that time.

My year: extracts from my diary

Each year I am astounded by how fast 12 months can go and the last year has been no exception. Here are some extracts from my imaginary diary as I re-live the transition of returning to work after having a baby and setting up on my own.

Preparing for the winter weather

Us Brits love to talk about the weather and for the first time this year my eyeballs actually felt cold when I headed outdoors today. Winter appears to have officially arrived, but how are you preparing for the sub zero temperatures?

Health benefits of organic food

It appears that the jury is still out on the benefits of organic food. A recent study comparing the health benefits of organic and conventional foods claims that organic food is ‘no healthier and no safer’ than produce grown with pesticides.