Rotten teeth in children at ‘crisis point’

It’s all about children’s teeth as I flick through today’s news, with surgeons revealing that thousands of children need dental operations each year because their teeth are rotten. Hearing about Britain being in the grip of a ‘national crisis’ when it comes to child tooth decay seems startling, but I welcome the dramatic headlines as it […]

Health benefits of organic food

It appears that the jury is still out on the benefits of organic food. A recent study comparing the health benefits of organic and conventional foods claims that organic food is ‘no healthier and no safer’ than produce grown with pesticides.

Summer bbq kebabs

Food safety on a budget

With 10 Ukranian footballers suffering from food poisoning just days before their Euro 2012 opening game, and a Hertfordshire hotel prosecuted this week after a wedding party fell ill from undercooked páte, Food Safety Week 2012 couldn’t have come at a better time.