Julia Faulks and sprogs

Bye from me… for now!

It’s time for me to pack away the laptop and concentrate on dealing with the challenges of a newborn, this time alongside a toddler! It’s been a great year and a quarter since I returned to work and set up on my own and I’ve had some really interesting jobs to work on in that time.

With my clients Clic Sargent, Discover Magazines, Flubit, The Working Parent, EBRD and The Red Shoe Biz Woman, to name a few, I want to thank them for making my transition to freelance such a great experience. I have absolutely loved the variety of work and feel really excited at what the future holds when I return to my desk again.

Maternity leave second time around

It’s a very different feeling to the last time I went on maternity leave – for one, there’s no big leaving party, but I certainly haven’t missed the commuting or the feelings of guilt when I couldn’t get to the nursery quickly enough when the little one was poorly.

Going back to work after having a baby is such a personal choice and every one of my friends has done it differently – by not working at all (albeit being a parent is a full-time job!), part-time, full-time, flexible working, and one couple are even sharing maternity leave. It really depends on how you are treated by your organisation, how long it takes you to travel in and whether or not you still feel challenged by your work as to what route you decide to take.

The joys of parenthood (and the lack of sleep)

So with three weeks to go until DD (due date) I will attempt not to tweet too much about sleepless nights because I know now that a) it won’t last forever b) we are really blessed to have been able to have sprogs and c) babies aren’t babies forever, so I will enjoy it while it lasts!

Best wishes,


P.S Keep an eye out for an article due to be published in November that I wrote on hypnobirthing…

UPDATE! Our second daughter arrived safely on 22 September two weeks early 8lbs 2oz 🙂

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