Terms and conditions

It is always useful if a potential client can see some examples of how I work. This avoids any confusion and helps keep agreements clear and communications friendly. I am always approachable and my main aim is to always get back to you quickly on any query and help you to achieve your goals.

My rates

Please see below a list of my terms and conditions when agreeing to carry out any work:

  • I have a day rate and an hourly rate – please get in touch with me directly and I will explain how this works. My day rate is the same whether I am working for a charity or a company.
  • I can agree a fixed project rate with you if you have a set budget – this is normally worked out at how much I feel I can achieve per day (I work fast, but I also aim to be accurate and produce interesting content – this can involve phone calls/emails/interviews).
  • When agreeing payment, if you would like me to come and meet you for an initial face-to-face meeting, I will do this without any charge, including any number of emails or phone calls (within reason). Any subsequent meetings in person to look at a project in more detail, I will require payment at my hourly rate to cover the time spent away from my desk/travel expenses. A final agreement on rates will be put down in writing either in email or letter format.
  • Should you decide to terminate a project after work has begun, I will invoice for the work completed up to that point and any expenses incurred as part of the original agreement.
  • My invoice will state the number of days payment is expected – normally 28 days from receiving it, unless otherwise agreed.
  • Late payment: payment received after the due date will incur a 10 per cent late fee (check invoice for when the payment is due – a late fee will be anything after this time). Payment is required 21 to 28 days from invoicing.

Agreeing on work/time spent on project

  • I am happy to come up with new ideas/pitches with suggestions for new content, but detailed plans (for example, full lists of what articles will be produced) will be part of the payment process once it is agreed I will work on your content/project.
  • Any revisions to content I have written for you I am happy to make amendments to without any extra cost, but payment will still be expected whether or not you end up using the copy. ‘Amends’ don’t include additional work that wasn’t explained initially in the brief.
  • If you want to see examples of work before agreement of the job, please do so upon request (no speculative work prior to payment).
  • If you have a very limited amount time to get content written/subbed and you aren’t sure it’s possible – just ask. Having worked in fast-paced newsrooms I am used to getting content live quickly if needs be. Call me on my mobile for an immediate response.


  • I will expect to claim back reasonable travel expenses incurred when working on a project (for example if an interview is out of London).
  • I will claim back for printing costs of larger documents when taking on a subbing job (or am happy to come and pick up a document of it is London-based or receive it in the post).

Copyright and content display

  • Liability remains with the client for all content commissioned and produced. Julia Faulks is not liable for any loss or damage incurred from production or reproduction of any content produced.
  • Copyright automatically remains with Julia Faulks at all times, unless otherwise agreed, and may not be reproduced without author permission or unless otherwise agreed.
  • I retain the right to display content produced on my portfolio website www.juliafaulks.co.uk and link to it through social media pages such as Twitter or Linkedin, unless otherwise agreed.
  • The commissioning client remains responsible for rights checking all content produced by Julia Faulks before publication.
  • On the rare occasion where a delivery date is put back for any reason (personal illness, circumstances or further information needed to complete a task), I will aim to give you at least 24 hours’ notice.